Justice comes on swift wings.
"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Good day, welcome to my office. If you are here for a report, please speak up. If I am to be fair and true, then I will hear what you have to say. If I did not, I would not be the Judicator they speak of, would it?

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// I’ll only be posting regularly in weekends (and Mondays), and once in a while during weekdays. College starts tomorrow so… yeah.

// She kinda looks more like a police car in the skin. Nope. Nope.

"It’s not that bad. Just some as— okay, maybe most of it is pretty terrible. It does feel like my old armor, though. Pretty comfortable. Just the wings…”

// So yeah, overall, I think that they could have done a lot better with it. Or more like legitimate hate.


// Take your time ;) It’s great to be back!

I just realized how inaccurate Sailor Vi was in that ahahaha whoops

"How about you, how have you been? I’d tell about all those reports I have been dealing with, but I don’t think you would want to hear that."

// Thanks for the asks I got! Keep them coming! 

I haven’t been able to draw because we had this really tiring campus tour a while ago (and we’re gonna have another one tomorrow). Our campus is 900+ hectares big and we walked around half of it. So yeah I can’t feel my legs anymore hahahaha 

I’ll probably be really tired tomorrow when I return home but I’d be able to write some stuff from these way too overdue RP replies unless tomorrow kills my arms too hahaha. If you guys want to plot, send me a PM, and we’ll plan things out! ;v; 

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Deadly Legacy


The messenger did not take long to reach Night’s office, and after a few moments of reading through the note, he had to agree. He quickly got up from his desk, leaving his own stacks of paperwork behind. Those concerns could wait for a time when his city wasn’t sitting atop an arcane bomb. 

The trip to Kayle’s office was short, as he knew how to traverse the halls of the Institute with ease. Being a summoner of three years was an advantage in some cases. He knocked on her door, waiting for Kayle’s permission to enter.

"Lady Kayle, it’s Night Cipher. You requested I come and meet you."

She had been trying to look up some information about the labyrinth, and Kayle might have found her personal library as a poor choice — not only was it small, it had nothing but law books and general information. But then again, she had nowhere else to look; it’s like the Institute library would lend her anything relevant or useful anyway. The knock got her muddled thoughts out of a tome she was poring over, and after realizing that it was Night, it took her quite some time before she stood up and opened the door for him, beaming a melancholic smile.

"Come in." She closes the door and locks it for good measure, as soon as he has entered. "I apologize for the mess."

There was her personal library in a corner, with some of the books off the shelves and stacked on heaps on the floor and on the coffee table. The rest of the office seems to be nothing short of papers, most of them with the Tribunal Offices’ seal — obviously reports she had either ignored or thrown away out of frustration. Kayle picks up a few yellowed papers and sits on one of the reading corner’s chair, and motions for him to sit across her.

She taps her fingers on the books, and later on clears her throat, not really knowing where to start. Finally, she starts off with breaking the silence.

"So, I did try researching. And I’m pretty certain now that my staff is amazing for giving me books about things I already know.” She closes off the tome she was looking at earlier, and continues, as she clears out most of the books and papers on the table. “Books are pretty useless now. What is it that you want me to do?”

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Deadly Legacy


News of the discovery of a temple beneath Piltover had spread quickly, but not because of what it could possibly mean; word spread because three of the explorers had died from mysterious causes only moments after the discovery had been made. Investigations had begun immediately after that.

A week later, the outlook was grim. This ancient site that they had unearthed was protected by some impermeable barrier, designed to kill any native of Runeterra on contact. This would be fine, if it weren’t for the other part of the news. Some arcane bomb was waiting beyond the barrier, and by what the science team could tell, it was set to detonate within the month. They needed help, but no one knew where to turn. That was, until Night wrote a desperate letter to a Champion.

Dear Kayle,

I write to you with an urgent request for your aid. Recent discoveries in Piltover have found a temple of some sort deep beneath the tunnels, something ancient and powerful. They believe that a bomb of some sort is down there, past several magical barriers designed to keep beings of Runeterra at bay. This is why I come to you asking for help.

As a being from another world, you should be able to pass through the barrier unharmed. Not only that, but your magic should be capable of aiding one other person in passing through to help you combat whatever things remain in the temple now. 

Piltover needs you, Kayle, as do I. You may be our only hope for survival.


Night V. Cipher

Council Summoner of Piltover

The knock on her door was easy to miss, and the messenger who entered didn’t even wait for Kayle to respond or allow her in before she entered.

"Excuse me, ma’am. An urgent letter from Piltover" was all she muttered, as she puts down the letter on her desk. She motioned to leave, but Kayle raised her hand to stop her as she works though the wax seal of the parchment and pores through the letter with quick eyes. After she puts it down, the messenger clears her throat, and says, barely audible, "Your response, ma’am?"

In certain situations, she would be obligated to just send out a template reply, but it was of higher priority than all the so-called important issues the Institute is piling on her table. But it would take more than that, and Kayle found it wise to have a discussion with the summoner before she does anything. The silence had crept in before she had said, “Wait outside. Let me write something.”

She pulls out a new sheet of paper, picks up her pen, and composes a short reply, after dealing with the ink clogs:

Sir Cipher,

I may have heard of the news before, but I did not expect you to turn to me for aid. I would be glad to assist you as much as I can, but it would be wise for the both of us to assess the situation before any action would be done.

I would be doing my own small research about the case, if my material would be of use. Best that we know what we are dealing with before we take action. 

Come to my personal office in the Institute as soon as you can. We’ll discuss further once we meet.


The Tribunal has deemed it fit for Kayle not to add her titles in every letter she writes, and she does just that. The bomb will still go off whether she adds them or not.

Kayle quickly folds and seals the letter — with her personal seal and not the Tribunal Offices, for she’d rather keep such an issue private for now. She walks out to the door, and as soon as she have spotted the messenger, Kayle presses the letter on her palm. “Give this to Night. Just to him. Not his helper, not his bestfriend, not anyone, just him.” She pauses, before she follows, “Do you hear me?”

The messenger merely nods before running off. Kayle dear hopes she runs fast.

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// So before I start with asks, here’s the full view of the new sidebar image (that was supposed to be for an ask but I got too carried away). The old one was really kind of an eyesore now, hahahaha.

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Anonymous asked: Happy you have you back! <3



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// So hello guys! You may (or may not) have noticed that I was gone for quite some time, and I’m sorry for that. Next week’s going to be the start of my university days and I was off preparing (and drawing stuff for the people I owe art to), so I couldn’t even come to visit. 

I checked my inbox just this morning and unfortunately encountered some tumblr mishap with the message counter and some loading glitches — the counter said I still have 13 messages but the inbox is clear. So I was kind of forced to delete them all after saving what I have. 

(Don’t tell Kayle that. She’ll kill me.)

I kind of kept a few other asks though, mainly because there’s really nothing else interesting to answer in the set of questions I have, but I may or may not answer them when the time comes. But some, I deleted, because they’re either really terrible, I have no motivation to answer that, or I lack words to say for that ask. (Sorry.)

So yes, I’m open to new asks!I’ll try to get on them as quickly as I can. Thank you guys for your support!

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