Justice comes on swift wings.
"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Good day, welcome to my office. If you are here for a report, please speak up. If I am to be fair and true, then I will hear what you have to say. If I did not, I would not be the Judicator they speak of, would it?

[ League of Legends art, ask, and roleplay blog for Kayle, the Judicator. ]

M!A: N!A

// It’s Munday, and you’re not getting my face, but I have been waiting for the chance to brag about this thing I made.

We Played Pretend You’re Xyzzy.


//Game Over.

Tryndamere is the winner.

Honorable mention goes to Sean Penn. He should have won.

And a pleasant time was had for all.

// It was really fun! Thanks for the game :)

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Anonymous asked: Your blog is the greatest Kayleblog i've ever found!!!!!!!!!!!


Only logged on now after so long, and clearing the inbox gets me this. ;u;

Thank you so much! But I don’t really fancy calling myself the ‘best’ out of everyone or anyone, but the thought is appreciated. c:

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Hey summoners! 

We have officially breached the 1,000 mark! (°▽°)

Thank you so much for all of your support and patience! I’m super duper grateful for your support! While I’m still temporarily on hiatus, I hope that this giveaway will suffice as a token of my gratitude to all you wonderful people, especially to the warm and welcoming LoL community here! m(_ _)m


  • Likes and reblogs both count as entries! Reblog as many times as you’d like. 
  • You must be following this blog. New followers are always welcome! 
  • Please do not reblog to a giveaway blog. 
  • Please have your ask open and respond within 48 hours if you have won the giveaway. 
  • If you have won and you would like an OC drawn, please provide a reference! I’m not very confident in drawing mecha/furries/extreme NSFW, sorry! The RP part of the prize is limited to NA, OCE, Latin Americas and EUW servers only.  
  • The handmade Poro-shaped thank you card is optional if you’re comfortable with sharing your address with me. 


  • First Place: A coloured waist-up drawing and a painted headshot of any character of your choice + any 1350RP champion skin of your choice + handmade Poro-shaped thank you card!
  • Second Place: A waist-up sketch and a headshot sketch of any character of your choice + handmade Poro-shaped thank you card! 
  • Third Place: A headshot sketch and a chibi doodle of any character of your choice + handmade Poro-shaped thank you card! 
Samples: x ] [ x ] — [ x ] (Note: The first two samples are from a long time ago and they’re monochromatic. I’ll be cleaning up and colouring the prize for the First Place winner, of course! /o/)

GIVEAWAY START: 16 June 2014 
GIVEAWAY END: 16 July 2014

Good luck everyone!

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((I dunno, I was just wondering how Kayle would feel in the Freljord.


Probably cold.))

// Who doesn’t feel cold in Freljord? XD (Aside from the champions from there, that is.)

Even though Kayle’s pretty used to drastic temperature changes, her wings are a little more sensitive than the rest of her body, and there’s next to nothing that can protect it… well, she could still get frostbites pretty easily even though she’s covered from head to toe. 

Nothing too drastic though, except maybe at extreme cold, when her wings just… freezes, and worst case scenario, she could lose her wings…

So she’d probably keep her wings close to her body. Have it under her coat, maybe. Or have it wrapped around her. Depends how extreme the cold is. XD

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Expressions practice aka the number of faces Kayle may or may not make sometime

something for my ask blog, I guess? idk hahaha

I’m actually surprised that someone is interested. I appreciate it.

Also, I’m not exactly the leader of us all — I may be considered the, ehem, ‘most powerful’, but we have an entire circle of generals that I believe would manage our home just as fine.

The war has taught us many things, and one of them is that every single one of us alive is something to be grateful about.

Anonymous asked: Hi there~ I was just wondering if you would be interested in roleplaying with my Morgana, or if perhaps you are already too overloaded and have one already. Thank you.

// Uh, I haven’t updated for like, a month, and you want to RP with me?



I don’t remember how Shen was dubbed Weenie Lord.

This is a serious concern.

- askshentheeyeoftwilight

((Shen: Ineveraskedforthis.jpg))

// Actually, I do.

When Phoenix Quinn had a Weenie Hut Jr’s binge, your Aatrox jumped along and got called a weenie by a robot weenie phoenix Quinn and Aatrox became the weenie joke guy for a bit (even a mentally insane Kayle called him weenie. How great is that?). It didn’t last long as a community joke, but we still laugh at it in Skype and such, which leads to the next, kinda unfortunate event…

I got bored one Sunday and decided ‘why the fuck not’ and asked people to send me smut fics of whatever for Sexual Sunday. And you of all people sent me a pretty concerning Aatrox x Kayle smut fic. Which, honestly, would have been pretty great if it weren’t for the occasional “weenie” in parenthesis. I almost died laughing reading that, but later it felt like it’s boring through my brain because it’s so ridiculous.

You sent it to me in fan-mail, and I got too guilty to delete it since you worked for it and all, but I want it gone in my inbox, so I sent it back to you and deleted the thing. But a few weeks later, you posted it in your Shen blog for the entire community to, ahem, admire, but people reblogged it just for the weenie jokes.

(I got a concerning message from Ez-mun going somewhere like “You want to learn how to write smut? Here’s lesson one: You don’t call it ‘weenie’.”)

Then for some reason, you just went along with it and started sending everyone weenie-related asks, then Mau drew Shen in a weenie suit and…. yeah.

And the joke kinda grew from there. Now you know how the Weenie Lord thing started, and yeah, it’s partly my fault. I don’t know if I should be happy about that.

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